"When sex gets drunk, sex calls up Gene Dante. If you maintain eye contact with Gene Dante for longer than 15 seconds, you will become pregnant. Period. If Gene Dante’s erection persists for longer than four hours, that’s called a Tuesday. Gene Dante has been known to sweat entire olives. Gene Dante doesn’t apply eyeshadow to his eyes—he applies eyes to his shadow. Gene Dante and his band, the Future Starlets, will be onstage at Church, and he will be singing only to you. “M-m-m-me?,” you’ll ask, not willing to believe that such an angelic being could have interest in something so base. “Yes, you,” he’ll respond devilishly, using his sexy telepathy. Selexpathy."
- Dig Boston

"Boston's favorite glam dynamo"
- Boston Phoenix

"Dante is an anomaly in Boston's music scene: an artist who has refused to pigeonhole his talents.  Yes, he's a singer - and quite a good one, with a laconic croon reminiscent of Bryan Ferry and Lou Reed - who fronts a glam-rock band called Gene Dante & The Future Starlets.  And yes, he's an actor, but he's never defined himself strictly as one or the other."
- Boston Globe

"In concert, Gene Dante is the Chiseled White Duke.  Leading his Future Starlets, Dante mixes Bowie's makeup, Iggy Pop's shirtless-ness, and Freddie Mercury's theatrics into a glammy groove."
- Boston Herald

"A renaissance man [who] may have come up with a new style: streamlined theatrical rock."
- All Music Guide

"Dante's vocals and songwriting style conjure up visions of a mad scientist's experiment where Dean Martin and Alice Cooper were made into one slick monster of a crooner"
- Elmore Magazine

"From the moment he steps on a stage, Dante reaches into your soul and holds it passionately in his pocket while he and the Starlets gently ram a full set of music down your throat - and you gladly accept it."
- The Noise

"His voice is knock-out and his charisma utterly engrossing."
- Portland Phoenix

"Gene Dante is not really a bitch, but he plays one on CD - as well as a number of other delectably haughty roles designed to showcase his inner (and outer) dandy."
- Boston Globe

"Once you see them perform live, it's impossible to not fall for their razor-sharp, high energy live performances.  So addictively catchy and unbelievably well put together!"
- Ryan's Smashing Life

"Dante's universe is a self-made world of gaudy narcissism, trash-culture fabulousness, and gender-bending androgyny brought to life by the singer's scenery chewing personality and the pungent musicianship of the Starlets."
- Boston Globe

"Gene Dante is becoming one of my favorite performers in town.  Whether he's playing solo, doing Joan Jett covers in leather chaps, or rocking out with The Future Starlets, the guy delivers.  He's frickin' magnetic."
- Daykamp Music

"A man who makes most of the Dig edit staff weak in the knees."
- Dig Boston

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